I believe that the thought that Google is making us stupid has little validity and I agree that the internet is changing our minds but not necessarily negatively.  In the article we read about Google making us stupid the author states that, “My mind isn’t going – so far as I can tell – but it’s changing. I’m not thinking the way I used to think”.  Nicholas Carr is saying that the internet is changing the way people think and view material.  This does not mean that the internet is making people less intelligent.  I think that the internet is just changing the way we think and operate.  Our minds are adapting to electronic sources rather than to hard copy sources. People may consider it becoming stupid because they are used to the ways of library books and chalk boards.  They may not understand how to use the internet to its best capabilities and they might not understand how exactly to use the internet to get the information they need.  In another article that talks about what technology is doing to our minds, it says that we have more information to learn on the internet, but it is so easy to find so people do not have to work as hard to gain that information.  “Life has become more complex but we hardly ever notice it because technology has made complexity simpler than ever”.

This article also talks about how even the simplest minds can be considered smarter if they were to have access to the internet.  “…without internet access, even a 7-year old is smarter than us (so long as she has access to the web)”.


This is an interesting picture from another article that questions whether or not the internet is making us stupid.  In this picture the left side of the person’s head holds all useful information acquired from the internet and the left side holds the not so useful and distracting information from the internet.  I believe this shows that the internet can make learning a more difficult task but only if someone allows it to.  So, is there any chance that the internet may be making us more intelligent?