I believe the Gender Gap reading we did in class makes a good segue into talking about the role gender plays in other topics as well. The way it affects the contributions into Wikipedia may not seem like such a big deal, but there are other ways that gender roles can have a big effect on things.

In my opinion the gender role has changed significantly over time.  In this article it talks about old TV shows and movies in which the typical family picture was portrayed.  One in which the man would be off at work all day supporting his family financially while the woman would be home making meals and taking care of the kids.  Over time our society has made change for the better.  I believe women have a lot to offer to this world and them sitting at home cooking meals all day does not allow them to make the difference that they can.  A big role for the woman is to be a mother to her children, which is very important; however, a mother can take care of her children all while taking on a full time job to help support the family financially.

Another big difference between men and women is the amount of money women earn in the work force.  In this article, it states that as of 2010 women only make 77 cents to every dollar a man makes.  Even with the great strides in inequality that have been made, there is still a clear gender gap.


This is an image of women protesting how much they are earning from a long time ago.

'Equal Pay Day 2000' Rally in front of the U.S Mint, 300 W. Colfax Ave. , Several womens groups speak out about the current wage gap for women and people of colora . smone where carrying red purses to show that women's pay is still in the red, compared to men's pay. Photo is of ( center left ) Nancy Rinker President of Colorado Business & Professional Womens , with other women's groups . Women in Colorado will join with thousands of women in all 50 States in a national call for for action on fair pay -- over four months into the new year-- when women's earnings, on average , finally cach up to men's paychecks from 1999. (Photo By Glen Martin/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

This is an image of women protesting for the same thing in a recent protest. So, even with the advances being made it is clear that we still have some work to do in our society.

What may be some things that we can change to give better equality in our society?