According to the article we read about Why Media Spreads, the original definition of viral was “describing (generally bad) ideas that spread like germs” (17).  This makes going viral seem like a very negative thing; however, today when a video or picture goes viral online it is generally in a positive sense.  It usually means that the material was extremely funny or memorable, so people share it online continuously until many people have seen it.

This article provides a video mashup of the most viral videos from 2014.  They vary from people being daredevils to just dogs being cute.  I believe the common thing between all of these videos is that they arouse the viewer emotionally.  From another article we read in class about what makes a video go viral, we learned that there were many different factors that lead to people wanting to share a video.  In my opinion, the emotional reason is why most people share videos and other things on the internet.  If something appeals to someone’s emotions, they are going to want other people to feel the same way.  They are curious if other people will feel the same way about a video.

This video about a Ted Talk from Kevin Allocca tells that videos go viral because of “case-makers, communities of participation, and unexpectedness”.  I believe his point about unexpectedness is very important because going back to what I said before, if someone sees something unexpected or crazy then they are going to want other people to see it too to see what their reaction is.

So, my opinion is clear that I think emotion is the main reason why videos and other material goes viral.  What do you think the major contributor that urges people to share things online is?  Do you agree with me?  Do you think it is something from the article we read in class?  Or something completely different?  What is your opinion?