From the video we watched in class, we discovered the difference between civic and communal value. Civic value was defined as something that is created by participants for society to use as a whole and something that will benefit society.  Communal value is defined as something that is created by participants that benefits themselves; something that is funny, but does not necessarily make a difference on society.  A good example of civic value is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  People were challenged by other people to either dump a cold bucket of ice on themselves or donate one hundred dollars to ALS study.  This did a good job of spreading awareness about ALS and led to a major increase in donations for research.  It had a positive impact on society. An example of communal value given from the video is LOL Cats.  These are just memes of cats with funny captions.  These things were created by people just to enjoy; they did not have any kind of effect on society.

In the article we read for class about Avatar Activism we learned that civic media is “content intended to increase civic engagement or to motivate participation in the political process.”  This is spreading political views with hopes that online supporters will help to spread the views.  It is related to civic value because it is making an impact on the political aspect.

Another example of civic value is No-Shave November.  This is where people do not shave to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  This article talks about how it got started and how it blossomed from an organization that made $2000 in 2009 to making $1 million last year.  This would not have been possible if people were not willing to spread the awareness themselves.  Something that was started by a small group was eventually able to make one million dollars.

Are there any other examples of civic or communal values that you know of? Any things that have made a great impact on society?