The first blog that I am going to use is the first post I did for the quarter about Google affecting our intelligence.  In this post I wrote about how the internet is changing the way people are learning and living.  I gave my opinion about the topic and then I provided quotes form our reading and other articles I found on the internet to back me.  I also added an interesting picture that can explain how the internet shapes our minds.  At the end of my blog I added a question for the readers to give them the opportunity to continue the conversation I started.  In the comments I got the readers to agree with my argument that the internet was making us more intelligent.

The second blog I am going to use is the blog in which I wrote about live-tweeting.  I commented on the article we read for class and stated my opinion that I think live-tweeting can have a negative effect in certain situations.  I then used another article I found that explains the positives and negatives that come with live-tweeting.  The author of the article I used agreed with me that live-tweeting during lectures and presentations can be very distracting to everyone.  I also wrote about situations in which live-tweeting can be helpful and I used an article about Bernie Sanders live-tweeting the GOP Debate.  I prompted people to comment on my blog by adding questions at the end.  This was very successful because I even got the author (Carolyn Thomas) of the article I used to comment on my blog to add to my argument.

I also used categories and tags in both of the blog posts so I could easily track what I talked about in the blogs.

The first comment I am going to use is the one I did on this blog about the Ice Bucket Challenge.  In this comment I continued the writer’s conversation by disagreeing with their argument by giving my reasons on why I thought it was not a waste and it did a lot more good than it did bad.  I also added on more information of certain challenges that I thought to be wasteful that could fall into the argument.  Even though I disagreed with the writer in my comment, I was not rude about it and I just gave my opinion along with reasons of why I thought that way.

The second comment that I am going to use was from this blog about things going viral.  In this comment I added on to the writer’s argument about things going viral and reappearing later.  I used a topic from class about social currency to help explain my argument that things will go viral because of what is going on in society right now.  Something that has to do with Obama running for presidency would not go viral because that has not happened in a while.