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I have always been soft-hearted when it comes to animals.  I care very much about their health and safety and I do not approve of animal cruelty in the slightest.  We chose to advocate for people to stop abusing animals.  The goal of our project is to spread awareness so that people will realize that animal abuse is an issue and that it needs to stop.  We wanted to make something funny so that people will want to share it. The more people that shared it, the more our message would get across to other people.  The intended audience of our project is anyone who owns a pet or who is around animals often.  We want all pet owners to understand what animal abuse is and for them to give proper care to their pets and other animals.  Civic value is defined by Clay Shirky as “value created by the participants, but enjoyed by society as a whole”.   People who share this project may not be directly affected by it, but many animals and pet owners everywhere will be affected greatly.

For our project, we created an infographic and a video to help portray what we wanted people to see.  We added the infographic to the video, so it would be more accessible to the viewer and they would not have to view separate items.  This is appropriate for our audience because we are trying to share our video on social media and it easy a lot easier to view and share if it is just a video.  We gave the video sad and funny parts because people will be more willing to share it if they are affected emotionally.  The beginning of the video is where the infographic is and that is the sad part of our video.  In the infographic we added pictures of beat up and sick pets along with facts about how animals are mistreated all of the time.  The rest of the video is intended to be funny with overly exaggerated situations in which animals are mistreated.  We want to get the message across, but with humor as well.

Our project is very easily spreadable because it is shared on social media and the whole purpose of social media is to share things that one may find interesting.  We attempted to use emotions to help spread our video.  From ‘The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, and Maybe Infuriate, You’, Jonah Berger says that “Articles that evoked some emotion did better than those that evoked none”.  From this we decided that if we appealed to people’s emotions, they would be more likely to spread our video.  We gave our video sad and happy moments to entice people to feel bad for animals and to enjoy our video.   In the article by Henry Jenkins he states that “’stickiness’ broadly refers to the need to create content that attracts audience attention and engagement”.  We wanted to the audience to be attracted to our video so they would spread it.  This is another reason why we added humor to our video; the humor attracts the audience to the video.

I am most proud of the way we were able to incorporate a sad infographic into a funny video and make it mesh together to create a video that was able to spread.  So far on Facebook we have gotten 9 shares, 6 likes, and 3 comments and these numbers are still climbing.  Also on Twitter we have gotten 7 retweets and 1 like.  From this project I learned that the best way to spread media is through the use of emotions and that humor is a good way to do so.