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I thought it was exciting to live-tweet this game.  It allowed me to really watch the game closely to look for flashy and thrilling plays to tweet about.  However, when I was creating the tweets it took my eyed away from the game, which could potentially lead to me missing another exciting play.  I usually get pretty into the Bengals games when I watch them, so I do not necessarily believe that live-tweeting it made me view the game any differently.  Also I have sent out tweets during a sporting event before, so it was not an entirely new experience for me.  I think the benefits to live-tweeting would be to get someone more involved in an event and it can get other people more involved as well.  A possible drawback could be that tweeting can distract someone away from the event for a short period of time.  What I learned form Twitter from this assignment is how hard it can be to live-tweet an event that can be fast-paced like football.