Alec Fisher CM 989

Dr. Summers

Writing in a Digital Age

Meme Analysis


The primary audience of these memes would be the students of this class and anybody that is a digital native.  The audience being the class is important because they will understand the humor of the meme and the text that was placed in the meme.  Another person might not understand why there is such an emphasis on abbreviated text in my memes.

I chose the visuals because they are popularly used in other memes and the meaning behind them would be easier to understand by my classmates and other students.  The text I chose was relatable to the class and I was able to use the same idea for each of the memes.

Something that would motivate the audience to share the memes would be that, hopefully, they can find some humor in them.  They might be able to find humor because the material I used is from this class and the students in our class would be able to understand the humor.

These memes capitalize on the contemporary moment because they are focused on the abbreviation of text which was not a thing until cell phones and texting became a thing.  This shows that abbreviated text is a part of the current time period that is the digital age.

The overall argument that I am trying to make in my memes are the positive and negative aspects to using abbreviated text.  It can be good to use it sometimes because it can show better understanding of the English language.  However, if someone was to use it in a formal essay they would get a poor grade because it would not be appropriate.

IA344_Meme1 IA344_Meme2 IA344_Meme3